Silver Moon-RP

Home to three thousand residents. But not all of them are human.
What if Humans weren't the only species that occupied this world? What if you had a best friend, or a sibling that wasn’t fully human? What if there were able to turn into a wolf, a werewolf?
Open Since Nov. 8th 2012
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I am weak, but I am strong. I can use my tears to bring you home.

Name: Ariella O’Donnell ll FC: Emily Browning

Nicknames: Ariel, Ella, Ari

Age: 23 ll Birthday: December 7, 1988

Species: Werewolf ll Pack: Silver Moon

Bio: Ariella grew up in a small town community. She lived with her older siblings and her father. Her mother died during childbirth. The O’Donnell family was devastated  But they held on for little Ariella. A few years later, Ari turned eleven and she became a wolf. She knew it was coming because her family prepared for it. She was a late bloomer, but that didn’t matter to her.  Her father told her stories about why they weren’t part of a pack. Which was mainly because their pack was attacked by hunters, killing a lot of were’s.

A couple of days after Ariella turned, they were attacked by hunters. Quickly retreating to a town named Fairfield were they found the Silver Moon pack. The best thing in Ari’s opinion would be joining the pack. Everyone was nice, and had greeted them with open arms.


Slade Blackwood - When Ariella meet Slade, she wasn’t sure what to think. She felt a deep connection to him, but was always too shy to do anything about it. 

Frank O’Donnell - Father

Jedrek O’Donnell - Older Brother

Angelina O’Donnell - Older Sister

Tristan O’Donnell - Older Brother

Delia Ceane - Best Friend

Elliot Smith - Best Friend

Additional Information:

- Ariella’s a soft spoken girl.

- She looks like her mother more than her father.

- A daddy’s girl.

Played by: Lexia (Admin)